Prayer Topics


Our Community Transformation / Revival
Pray for God’s will and plans for the Thumb to break through and that people would turn to Him.

The Fulfilling of The Great Commission / Salvations
Pray for the salvation of three specific people. Pray that God would remove the scales that blind the eyes of those who do not believe.

Justice Revolution / The Ending of Abortion, Human Trafficking, Acts of Violence, and other Injustices

The Oppressed, Poor, Homeless, Unemployed, etc.

National Government Leaders / Issues / Courts

Ministries– Youth for Christ, Positive Alternatives, Celebrate Recovery, Good Samaritan, Forgotten Man, AA etc.

Revival & Truth for Universities & Campuses
Pray for three specific campuses.

Media, Arts, Entertainment - Return to Family Values / Salvations in this Industry

Children & Elderly - Protection, They Would Know Their Worth, Loneliness, Purpose

For the Nations of the Earth - Spreading of the Gospel & A Turning to God for Salvation

Missions - Current Missionaries, For God to Send Workers for the Harvest
Pray for three specific people groups for spiritual breakthrough.

Persecuted Church - Spreading of the Gospel, Provision, Safety, Hearts of the Persecutors

Local Government Leaders / Issues / Courts / Law Enforcement / Foster Care

Your Neighborhood / Community– Breaking Down of Barriers, Love Your Neighbor

Local Pastors & Church Leaders - Anointing, Protection from Evil, Direction & Vision, Unity, Power

Local Businesses, Agriculture, Health Care & Emergency Workers

Our Military Leaders and Troops (& Their Families)

Healing - Pray for a Release of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing
Pray for three people who need healing.

Family - Pray for blessing, unity, and health for your children and marriage.
Prayer for your family members by name. Pray for reconciliation of broken families.

Marketplace - Pray for your workplace and your authorities / employees.

Prayer Ministries - Pray for an increased desire to pray and the establishing of more prayer ministries.

A Holiness Uprising / A Return to the Lord / Repentance of Sin

Passion for Jesus – Devote your heart to Jesus in love and obedience.

Local Churches - Outpouring of the Spirit, Unity, Repentance, Direction, Salvation, Workers
Pray for three specific churches.





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